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An electric vehicle Charging Service Gateway

Meet ChargeBroker

ChargeBroker is a cloud-based Electric Vehicle gateway, compliant with all EV Charging protocols. Built to stimulate innovation and facilitate growth, it unifies operations and provides full standardization across the e-mobility landscape.

What it offers

Uniformed access across networks
Partners of choice options
Interconnectivity by design
Agnostic to hardware vendors
Seamless migration

Experience being in Charge

For the first time ever, operators such as local governments, fleet owners, and commercial Charge Point Operators can monetize across various networks, following their unique service roadmaps, unrestricted by the business strategies of their CPMS (Charge Point Management System) providers.

Thanks to ChargeBroker they no longer have to follow in the innovation footsteps of others and can build and connect their own added value services, integrate new and existing infrastructure, and gain access to the maintenance data they need to grow into the market leaders e-drivers expect them to be.

A strategic choice

ChargeBroker is designed with the future in mind, by relying on the lessons learned from the past and avoiding the early growth mistakes already experienced in some countries.

Noticeably, the biggest roadblock to rapid development is the so called “Monolithic Monster” created by the expansion of essential functionalities into each CPMS on the market, creating a suffocating environment, ever increasing in complexity and lock-ins.

Typically each ChargePoint (CP) Network connects to a single CPMS, without the foresight that their network ought to be combined with other networks, or that specific data is needed for grid-operators and other stakeholders to obtain valuable insights.
This all leads to non-standardized deployment management; different integrations per CPMS; data access being owned and controlled by the CPMS supplier; differences in the supported features, data quality, granularity and refresh rate. Which positions You, the e-mobility stakeholder,  as an Innovation Follower, since your own roadmap depends on that of your CPMS.

Architecture 2.0

Once we were acquainted with the problems caused by these Monolithic Monsters, and how they block market developments worldwide, we used the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) to design the ChargeBroker gateway. Its API connects to any e-mobility service, making secure and scalable growth possible, opening up the charging landscape for the future of smart services.

How it works

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For the first time ever, operators such as local governments, fleet owners and commercial charge point operators can monetize across their various networks, following their own roadmap.