Our approach to Software Development

So that we can deliver you scalable solutions with proven security for a faster time to market.

Building your custom solution in 5 steps



Discover the endless possibilities

We begin by Discovering your Business Landscape
We visit your office, listen to your journey, and learn about your business direction.

For the right fit, we identify the Possibilities
We explore our available software solutions to find the best approach, so all customization can be precision-tailored to meet your needs.

To help you choose the right scope
Together with you, we create a clear and structured statement of work, firmly covering all financial, legal, and security-related aspects.



A custom approach to fit your needs

We create a Proof of Concept
Once we’re all on the same page, we create a proof of concept to guarantee success moving forward.

To ensure Optimized Integration
We make sure our software will integrate seamlessly with all areas of your existing and upcoming business landscape.

And guarantee Effortless Operations
Software that works the way you want it to, including how it’s operated. That means full scalability, and high availability for all your requirements.



High security & scalability for future-proof software

Our experience focuses on Business Integration
Software developed from the ground up. We keep cross-solution connection across business areas at the forefront.

And No-Fuss IT Integration
With flexibility in-mind, our industry-standard approaches are guaranteed to integrate smoothly into your existing IT infrastructure.

For easy Partner & Supplier Integration
Our secure integration architecture allows for numerous partner and supplier integrations.



Testing & pilots before getting ready to go live

We start with System Testing
We use continuous integration supported by end-to-end and unit testing to ensure constant stability guarantees.

Helping you prepare with Inclusive Training
We can organize virtual or on-site training sessions to accompany our mighty user guides, and our uncannily user-friendly software.

Ready to Go Live!
The exciting moment you’ve been waiting for. With a simultaneous phase of increased monitoring and support, to prepare for a happy handover to operations.



In-house, solution specific delivery teams

We're proud of our Extensive Monitoring
Our top-notch monitoring allows us to detect and solve any issues before they ever become problems.

Backed by Incident Management
In case of high-priority support, we have solution-specific teams ready to take charge of any necessary adjustments.

And ready for Change Management
Built by Jibe and operated by Jibe means we know our software like the backs of our hands. We’re always ready to embrace change, and keep you running at the top of your game.