Living with an electric car: Jibe's Visionary Approach to People and Future



As we reached the halfway point of this year, we looked back fondly on Jibe's journey and the significant steps we took to become an attractive workplace.

Three years ago, we proudly became one of the first companies in Cluj to install an electric charging station at our office, a decision that fills us with nostalgia and pride. This initiative showcased our commitment to our people and steered us toward a more sustainable and greener future.

Eager to understand the impact of this action, we reached out to three colleagues who own electric cars to gather their unique perspectives. Cami, from the standpoint of a Recruiter, Andi, from the point of view of a Marketing Specialist, and Nico, from the perspective of a Delivery Manager, brings insights into the implications of having an electric charging station at the office as a benefit.

Cami: It is very comfortable to come to work and be able to charge your car. It's interesting to see how the stations, which the colleagues from the EV teams of Jibe Mobility test, work perfectly. It's fascinating to observe the car's gradual charging process; by the end of the workday, it's fully charged, allowing you to go about your schedule. You can enjoy the charging process like a child. The electric charging station is also a selling point when we are in the recruitment process. It's a significant advantage in recruiting, as it shows the direction the company is taking toward an eco-friendly future, and many candidates align with these values.


Andi: Most candidates may not have an electric car, but they like the idea of working for a company that is more focused on a sustainable, eco-friendly, and greener future. So, during the recruitment process, it helps candidates to identify with something different, a value they can adhere to, rather than just joining another company for work. As I'm also responsible for marketing here at Jibe, I think it greatly benefits our brand. That is because it's an advantage, a benefit that few companies offer. It allows us to stand out, and we can even get listed on apps like PlugShare. It's a huge plus for Jibe and the company's image. Overall, it's a great initiative because it supports the green direction we are going toward, which resonates with me personally and at the company level, considering we have clients in the electric mobility domain. We have the solution implemented in our workplace. Additionally, if clients or suppliers come with electric cars, they can use our electric charging station, which is a benefit for them in collaboration with Jibe.

Nico: I believe that the direction we are heading is a good one. In the future, every company will need an EV charging station. Jibe is a pioneer among employers in this regard. I appreciate this initiative, especially since Jibe operates in the EV field. It supports the work of my colleagues in testing software for EV products. With the charging station at the office, I could also explain to colleagues who don't own electric cars about our client's area of activity. The electric charging station is even more useful for these colleagues, as it allows them to test and understand the technology firsthand. You can't create quality software for a domain you don't understand or experience directly.