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ChargeBroker enables full standardization across networks, putting you, the stakeholder, in prime position to scale up your business how you see fit.
Now, you can finally connect multiple Charge Point Management Systems all at the same time and pick and chose from various service providers to design a custom selection of features that are in perfect sync with your vision.
Need a change? You can promptly alternate suppliers hassle free, without compromising your other services, resulting in less downtime and better customer satisfaction.
The gateway boasts Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliance up to v2.0 and can store and relay OCPP messages in a fully transparent way, for a future proof, easily scalable solution.


Business Integrations

Unify operations
Single integration with the network
Independence from CPMS features/ support
Uniformity & insights across the network
Autonomy to implement advanced network management and operations features


Applications & Services

Drive innovation
Differentiate own applications & services
Allow third party applications
Enable partner integrations
Monetize across the network


Switching/Dual CPMS

Instant migration to other CPMS
When introducing new CPMS
Releasing new major CPMS version
Adding new (versions of) charge points
Restructuring of networks
Testing specific end-2-end features
Switch service of customers



Allow a blend of charge points in the same network, managed by the same CPMS
Scale-up and innovate with backwards compatibility
Extend lifecycle of investments/assets


Modular CPMS Design

Benefit from best-of-breed CPMS features, by selecting feature-set per CPMS
Optimize insights and control
Adopt new features across the network


1 Analyze

DNS, SIM Cards, VPN and Security settings

2 Define

Goal architecture, connected systems and features

3 Enroll

ChargeBroker customer accounts, security policies, logging and monitoring

4 Relations

Register charge points and configure their CPMS relations

5 Migrate

Update charge points to connect to the ChargeBroker