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Our employees have the opportunity to grow their careers, attend conferences, exchange knowledge, and shape propositions they truly believe in.
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We think inspired work helps create a job that feels more like a home. That's why we stand by our employer promise of no-micromanagement, no pointless paperwork, and lots of carbs at lunch.

We grow our business by growing our people

Freedom is one of our core values and we encourage each team member to be a master of their own destiny. We strongly believe that, in terms of personal and professional growth, everyone should be in charge of their own development. What we do is ensure our people have the time and tools they need on their journey. Which is why we allocate weekly learning periods and recurrently evaluate the development needs of our employees, so that they can feel supported in achieving their career goals.
We have access to the world's most popular books, delivered straight to our office, plus tons of online articles and videos that you can take advantage of, thanks to Bookster. In addition, we provide access to Pluralsight's and Educative's e-learning platforms with high quality training courses on topics like IT, Data, Information & Cyber Security and much more.

You will also have the chance to share knowledge during informal lunches with the entire team, but also - to learn from the most experienced colleagues among us, during our Lunch and learn program.

Other career growth opportunities include:
Spark - A full-on growth program designed to prepare, coach and mentor people for future leadership roles in terms of Agile methodologies, product management and people processes.
Accelerate - A broad talent-growth program for unlocking new skills, developing old ones and working with passionate mentors in order to broaden one's horizons in a quick way.

Goodies and fun

Togetherness is another one of our core values and we strive to have fun within the team and create joyful memories together - either during cheerful coffee breaks, yummy lunches, fancy off-sites, thrilling parties or board game afternoons.

We enjoy getting to know each other better outside the office, during informal gatherings on rooftops, pontoons and whatnots and we eagerly anticipate the next event.

Foosball, darts, hammock and a relaxing lounge is what we came up with for the moments when you just need to chill out and clear your head.

It is important to us that we touch base with our people on a monthly basis so this is a great opportunity for us to discuss anything HR or work environment related, always with yummy goodies on the side.

Freebies that can make a difference

To top off the learning opportunities, the fun and the goodies, we invest in a bunch of extra benefits that distinguish us from other companies, such as a private EV charging station or the best private medical subscription in town.
We offer - Regina Maria (Priority Plus), UpRomania Card, 7 card, OptiBlu Voucher, Bookster

Learning Bootcamp

A once a year extensive summer internship opportunity for students who are ready to learn from our best developers in order to gain valuable work experience with the programming languages they are really passionate about.

Sign up for the next one by sending us an email at: