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Unleashing Creativity: Jibe “Loyalty Management Solutions” Hackathon Part II



In this part, we engaged with each team, aiming to inquire into their goals during the Hackathon, the innovative features they tirelessly developed throughout the day, the ambiance of such a high-energy event, and their aspirations for incorporating the newly developed features into our LP product.

Team Signal Whisperers


Ioan: We're creating a notification system using SignalR. This will help us with LP in the future, especially when we have time-inefficient operations. We'll be able to notify users about specific actions or events happening on the site. This can be applied to daily routine operations as well. For example, we have scheduled a newsletter to be sent at a specific time. When that newsletter is sent, we can notify the website administrators whether the scheduled newsletter for a certain number of people was successfully sent or not. From there, we can determine what actions to take. If, for instance, the newsletter was not sent successfully, manual intervention may be required, and an administrator can address the issue. Currently, this notification does not exist.

Miruna: It's important to keep users informed about what's happening on their site. It's essential not to lose information between users. Additionally, if something takes longer to load, it's important to know whether it loaded successfully. The Hackathon is a break from the routine, as now we work in pairs or small groups. These experiences allow us to learn more, especially for me, as I'm at the beginning of my professional career.

Team Wonder


Larisa: We are non-technical people, so today, we'll be bringing some proposals on how to improve the mobile app of our Loyalty Program products, making the UI more user-friendly, adding additional features compared to what we have now, and coming up with improvement ideas. We gathered ideas from two perspectives: mine, as a Business Analyst, where I discuss with clients more than the rest of the team, so I have their view and what they desire. As a tester, Vlad knows the product very well, understanding the problems, shortcomings, and areas for improvement. From these two perspectives, we add improvements and provide valuable input.

Vlad: What we're doing now are future tasks for developers. We write them on a Confluence page, documenting them in writing and mock-up form. We display what already exists and where we want to go. We're currently working on improvements we don't have time for during regular workdays when we respond to client requests. Especially for the mobile part, which is older, the focus on design should have been emphasized back then as it is now when developing a product, as most users access it through mobile.

Larisa: Today is special from the rest of the working days, as today we don't work as individuals as much; we work in teams, and the exchange of ideas helps. Plus, we're all in the office after a long time when we weren't all together.

Team Social


Dragos: I'm developing an integration of our Loyalty Program with social media platforms. Basically, when you want to create visibility for your program and want people to access it through platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you post information on those pages, and from there, users are directed to your application, rewarding them for their activity. It's a way to create visibility on social media and keep users engaged with social media pages. An event like Hackathon is useful because it can generate ideas and quickly validate or invalidate initiatives. From my point of view, it should happen more frequently as a recurring action. It doesn't always have to be a full day, but it's a way to experiment and receive feedback on specific ideas.

Team AI


Sara: Today, we are developing a review functionality for our Loyalty Program system and trying to integrate it with Chat GPT so that we can use the APIs to communicate.

Catalin: On the product page, customers leave comments that we collect, send the data, and analyze it to identify areas for improvement, successful aspects, and what the customers like. It is my first Hackathon, and I like it, especially because we decide, as a team, how to implement things.


Team Navigators


Diana: We're customizing the application by creating a Wizard in the back office. The person configuring the application will be able to enter the program's name, email address, fonts, colors, and banners, and in the end, they'll have a CSS with their choices, making the interface unique. After saving the settings, the user can immediately see the changes and go live. Currently, this Wizard doesn't exist in the application, and all clients have almost the same settings. Additionally, we'll create a guided tour to understand how to use the Wizard to create a personalized interface. I find the Hackathon event to be different from regular workdays; there's a competitive spirit now. We hope that what we develop today will be useful in the future.

Following the intense coding session, the teams gathered to showcase their results as the evening fell. The first prize was captured by the innovative team Signal Whisperers. The Navigators cleverly navigated their way to the second prize. Meanwhile, true to their name, team Wonder earned the third prize.

Congratulations to the winners, and a heartfelt appreciation to all participants! Your passion and effort truly embody the spirit of innovation we hold dear at Jibe. We eagerly look forward to seeing you at our next Hackathon!


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