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Unleashing Creativity: Jibe “Loyalty Management Solutions” Hackathon Part I



Last month we hosted our recurring Hackathon, a thought-provoking event in Jibe, focusing on our Loyalty Program (LP) product and engaging user technologies.

The Jibe Hackathons have been an organic event in our organization and have grown and evolved over the years, introducing fresh rules of competition and exciting prizes. During the intense, day-long event (lasting a whopping 14 hours!), five teams pushed their boundaries to develop innovative features. Each team chose a name that resonated with the topic they were delving into, leading to creative names like AI, Signal Whisperers, Social, Wonder, and Navigators.

To gain insights into the event's purpose, we sought the perspective of Adi, our Head of Product and Tech:

The purpose of the event is primarily to derive satisfaction from doing something exceptional compared to what we do in sprints and day-to-day tasks, to contribute to the product with ideas that would otherwise be difficult to surface or ideas that we want to promote as points of sale for developing new features. At the same time, to experiment with new technologies not necessarily related to the product, and of course, have fun!


The evaluation criteria for the competition were comprehensive, accounting for various aspects, including the positive impact on development and testing, the degree of technical ingenuity, the innovation in product development, the potential for scalability, the dynamic and attitude within the team, and the charismatic delivery of their presentation.

The teams competed for emblematic awards, each holding a special significance to our Jibe community. The most coveted reward, a vintage Philips Hotel TV, was the grand prize, while an original George Michael vinyl record was set aside for the second place and a Money Monkey for the third.

As the day unfolded, the Jibe office buzzed with an atmosphere of eager anticipation, fostering a frenzy of creativity and innovation for the Hackathon. The air was charged with ideas, the room filled with the rhythmic tapping of keyboards and hushed whispers of brainstorming. Echoes of friendly rivalry, the enticing aroma of caffeine, and shared laughter shaped the event's spirit, crafting a unique and vibrant atmosphere that encapsulated what our Hackathons are all about.

Stay tuned for the upcoming part, where we will delve into the details of each team's venture, their experience during the Hackathon, and of course, reveal the winners.

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