Partnership with BluekensEV: a journey of revolutionizing EV Fleet Management



Last month marked a significant milestone in Jibe's history and the EV industry as we partnered with BluekensEV to provide truck and bus fleet owners with a complete EV Fleet management solution.

 BluekensEV offers critical EV logistic-mobility services, which are of major importance given the challenges and expectations logistic companies face to deliver environment-friendly services, particularly within city limits. Through our advanced OCPP gateway, ChargeBroker, and our remote EV Charging management platform, CharliEV, we are enhancing their ability to manage EV fleets in a more streamlined, efficient manner. 

Over the years, we valued and understood the importance of partnerships in thriving and innovating through technology in all areas to empower people. Collaborative efforts allow us to tackle complex issues, promote innovation, foster strong relationships, and gain new perspectives. By uniting our proficiency in EV charging software solutions and BluekensEV's specialization in zero-emission urban logistics, we're committed to reshaping the landscape of the EV industry.

The EV context that urges collaborative efforts among industry players


Companies are increasingly required to ramp up their sustainability efforts swiftly. Constant legislative changes and rapid technological advancements in the EV sector contribute to this urgency. In addition, consumers now expect companies to operate sustainably, adding further pressure.

However, many companies find it difficult to electrify their fleets, especially given the potential disruption to work due to unexpected charging needs. Effective charge and fleet management help tackle these issues, and understanding charging and energy usage trends is a key part of this process.

In this context, ChargeBroker releases the pressure, providing the essential support, data, and infrastructure for a smooth transition to an electric fleet. Our solution for logistic companies facilitates integration with any CPOs of choice and enables seamless integration of Fleet management services. This integration boosts fleet utilization and optimizes cost and performance predictability. With ChargeBroker and CharliEV, BluekensEV is dedicated to propelling this change in urban logistics and aims to establish a more sustainable, zero-emission logistics ecosystem.


Understanding the challenges companies like BluekensEV faces


BluekensEV, a prominent entity in the realm of emission-free urban logistics and part of the larger Bluekens Group, is known for its relentless pursuit of sustainable transport solutions. They provide not only electric buses and trucks but also comprehensive advice and solutions in EV Fleet management services and charging infrastructure, aiming to ensure seamless integration of electric mobility into businesses.

Gert-Jan Jonker, General Manager at BluekensEV, expresses the importance of finding a reliable partner in the EV field: "Fragmented information, rapid developments, lack of knowledge, and one-sided reporting in the media make electrification a significant challenge for entrepreneurs. A good transition partner brings together knowledge and solutions. That's why we're pleased with our collaboration with ChargeBroker in our 360-degree approach. This gateway removes complexity and allows for the development of a joint future vision for businesses instead of pushing through a standard product."

As companies in the logistics field navigate the transition toward electric fleets, BluekensEV emerges as a crucial partner, ensuring a smooth and well-managed shift. The EV fleet management services provided by BluekensEV extend beyond the mere adoption of modern technology; they represent a business-critical resource. These services help logistics companies adhere to the increasing demands for emission-free urban environments and position themselves for sustainable success in the future.

What is ChargeBroker and CharliEV bringing to the table?


ChargeBroker eliminates much of the EV industry's complexity, centralizing everything into one coherent management platform. This streamlining makes scaling up electric fleets and associated charging infrastructure considerably easier. It is a powerful, flexible OCPP gateway that lets users manage their charging networks from one single environment, regardless of the CPO/ CPMS or grid supplier. Our OCPP gateway-based charging infrastructure allows centralized control, data collection, and insights while allowing multiple service providers to access the network for specific services.

Additionally, CharliEV, our comprehensive remote management platform, plays a significant role in this collaborative effort to augment BluekenEV Fleet Management service. CharliEV offers an overarching view of all linked networks, allowing for remote configuration and management of the chargers. This capability enhances operational efficiency and ensures a seamless charging experience for end users. The combination of ChargeBroker and CharliEV is a powerful toolset, working together to provide robust solutions for EV fleet management. This powerful synergy not only meets the current needs of Bluekens EV but also lays a strong foundation for expanding and evolving services in the future.

Knowing the market's challenges and the strengths of our solution, Edwin Witvoet, CEO of JIBE Company, explains: "ChargeBroker helps alleviate the pressure to become more sustainable. It enables owners of EV charging networks to be more flexible and scalable than ever before because they have more insight into the charging network and can respond to it. It provides partners like BluekensEV with controlled access, which is a crucial tool for the transition to a more sustainable future."

Coupled with ChargeBroker and CharliEV, BluekensEV's Fleet Management service smoothly integrates into both existing and new charging networks of logistic companies. This seamless integration enhances fleet utilization and optimizes cost-effectiveness and performance predictability, fostering efficiency and reliability in fleet operations.


Final reflections on a journey that has just begun


As we unite with stakeholders in the EV industry, our goal is to advance collectively toward a greener future. Our new partnership with BluekensEV is just at the dawn of its journey. As we strive to enhance the efficiency and dependability of EV fleet management, we are reminded of the critical role we play in facilitating organizations' shift towards sustainable practices. In this process, ChargeBroker and CharliEV play a pivotal role, assisting businesses in the EV industry to expand.

We are filled with anticipation for our progress and the transformations we will witness in the EV landscape.


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