Need a charger at home for your electric car? Find your complete solution with Soolutions



Are you determined to save the world and go green? But don’t know where to plug your electric car?

Don’t worry, we have the soolution for you. Meet SOOLUTIONS, a successful Dutch company that supplies you with the most adequate and independent choice of EV charging equipment and accessories, all in the comfort of your home.

While there are many options to select from an electric car, the e-mobility market still needs reliable, easy-to-understand information and execution, enabling consumers to charge their electric vehicles at home, at work, and in public. JIBE empowers this innovative approach through an online Market Platform, which allows easy configuration and purchasing of the required equipment and services while also matching customers with sellers and installers.


Soolutions help the energy and mobility transition sustainably. They created an ecosystem where suppliers, installers, resellers, and consumers all benefit from the possibilities of the online Market Platform, an interactive, smart web shop. Soolutions has already been the online marketplace for tens of thousands of customers across Europe, and they keep growing, attracting more business in its mission.

The online marketplace is the equivalent of 'Amazon' for ordering and installing home chargers for electric cars. Soolutions gives individuals, and companies access to 25 suppliers and 7installers on the Market Platform. The platform works in a very intuitive way, with customers being able to configure the charging equipment they need while also booking an installer. Meanwhile, business customers such as car dealers, leasing companies, and housing corporations can offer this online decision aid as a white-label service on their platform.

The startup estimates that a market of 100 to150 billion euros is up for grabs in Europe over the next ten years. 'That timespan is comparable to the adoption curve of the washing machine,' says Joury deReuver (Founder of Soolution).

How does JIBE contribute to Soluutions success?

JIBE developed and continuously upgraded the Market Platform for Soolutions, to offer the best user experience. It is highly intuitive, complex, easy to use, and customer friendly. The one-stop shop is acritical gateway between customers, products, and services, enabling a rapid, easy buying and selling process with the most suitable EV solutions available.

Since 2019 JIBE is a partner to Soolutions inbuilding the Market Platform, which revolutionizes the charging of electric vehicles at home and helps vendors and resellers drive through the transition to a fossil-free world. This strong partnership facilitates the energy transition by making sustainable technology accessible, easy to use, and affordable everywhere and at all times for as many people as possible.

The online Market Platform has two interfaces, one for the buyers and the second for the sellers (suppliers, installers, resellers).

Soolutions for customers

The web shop provides customers with the best hardware products and software services compatible with sustainable energy. From electric vehicle charging stations to adapters and installation to station management services, customers can find the most suitable soolution for their household.

The online shop is designed for two types of customers, the “Manage Yourself” and the “Turnkey” consumers. Both have a different customer journey and hencerequire different approaches.

The web shop interface for “Manage Yourself” customers offers Cable Soolutions options with access to a broad selection of quality EV charging equipment for home and public use, quality customer support, and efficient fulfillment services.

The interface for “Turn Key” customers offers a personalized experience with the Charge Wizard tool to guide customers through EV hardware equipmen tselection, installation scheduling, and recurring service packages.

Soolutions for partners (resellers, installers, suppliers)

The core of Soolutions’ business stream lies in the partner program where the expertise, products, and services from their highly valued Partners are efficiently used. Through the Soolutions partner program, the Market Platform offers installers, suppliers, and enterprises additional sales channels and revenue streams.

There are three separatePartner Programs for Resellers, Installers, and Suppliers. By bundling these services in a seamless Partner Suite, Soolutions create added value on both sides of the market chain. Both partners and consumers benefit from this partnership while also generating a network and marketplace effect on the Platform.

How far has Soolutions come?

The Market Platform built by JIBE has processed around 10,000 orders so far. One-quarter of customers come from Netherlands and Belgium, while three-quarters come from other European countries, which Soolutions serves with French, German, and English versions. The service also rolled out the enterprise model this year with offers for business customers. In the past six months, it connected more than seventy customers (resellers) to it.

On the supply side, 25 hardware suppliers and 7 installers are now available in the Netherlands and Belgium. Soolutions will soon launch its business (white label) portal in Germany and France thanks to a new financing round.

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