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HR Club Open Days @JIBE



On September 20th, JIBE hosted the HR Club Open Days event at its headquarter in Cluj-Napoca. The event was open for HR professionals from every field and for all interested professionals from any domain.

We live in a world full of challenges, and our professional life is no exception. Human Resources professionals face multiple new challenges day by day, every day. It is hard to be in charge to maintain the happiness among colleagues, when you face uncertainty in every corner, and responsibilities piling up. That is why it is crucial to be part of a professional club, supporting each other, establishing best practices, and sharing success stories.

On September 20th, JIBE hosted the HR Club Open Days event at its headquarter in Cluj-Napoca. The event was open for HR professionals from every field and for all interested professionals from any domain. We brought Cluj’s HR community inside our culture, having 28 participants, filling our meeting room. Tania Munteanu, JIBE Operations Manager, presented our best HR practices on People Approach, with many examples and success stories sprinkled with fun and enthusiasm.

HR Club Romania

HR Club is an association of human resources professionals from Romania, with the goal of encouraging the development of human capital, by supporting and promoting the best practices in the field, through regular meetings and hot topics’ debate. Their values are sharing best practices and experiences, caring for one another (HR people for HR people), and daring to step up for the future. They focus on creativity, adaptability, empathy, solution, togetherness, and integrity in creating added value. HR Club is the space where you can ask questions and receive the best possible answers and support. Their motto is insightful: “You are an HR professional, but firstly you are a Human”.

Open Days @JIBE

During the open days, JIBE presented its best practices on the People approach to retaining personnel and the creative ways to keep employees motivated and loyal. There are several directions in which the JIBE HR team acts to unify and keep happiness among colleagues.

Creating engagement and unity in our culture leads to group cohesion, improved teamwork, and a higher retention rate.

Motivating people to do more, being innovative and bold in expressing ideas, and making them happen, facilitate an innovation-oriented work environment.

Opportunities to improve quality and expertise by getting a specific certification and being on the same level of understanding with the teammates.

A creative space where common well-being, good work integration, and happiness thrive.

JIBE differentiators

JIBE management identified several unique ways to drive cohesion among co-workers and efficiently retain human capital. These practices are monthly discussed, within the informal “HR Coffee” meeting, the focus being on people, practices, processes, events, and initiatives. The main takeaways are:

- Workplace at a home-like house, friendly environment, and cozy atmosphere.

- Creating communities and supporting cohesion leads to improved customer experience. This is accomplished through rewards and recognitions practices, which mainly consist of community teambuilding and gamification, LinkedIn kudos, internal articles or postings on them, priority at planning to pick what tasks they want, invite external speakers for different topics and debates (find more details on Communities in our previous blog post).

- Lunch & Learn events – we organize them whenever there is an opportunity to learn informally. Next Lunch & Learn event takes place on 11th November, to discuss the outcomes of the Hackathon held in October.

- Celebrating together birthdays, Holidays, organizing getaways and teambuilding, getting around food and games, and having lots of fun. For this matter, every Wednesday, during lunch break, our colleagues go out to a nice restaurant and reconnect with each other. Building strong personal relationships helps the team stay motivated and enjoy the ride of working together.

Tania sums up the HR efforts: “We wish for Jibe to be more than just a place of work, so we’ve thought about ways to give our employees a sense of purpose and a space to feel they’re doing impactful work”. The purpose is to bring joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction to the workplace. To achieve this, we added our secret ingredients:

Harmony - Understanding everybody’s role in the team.

Impact - Everyone’s talents are utilized efficiently, so their role is critical to the success of the team.

Meaning - It is easier to put effort and do our best in everything if we understand what we are doing and why. The big picture is a powerful way to install meaning in day-to-day tasks and activities.

Acknowledgment - Everyone understands how their role contributes to business success. Success is celebrated within the team; colleagues acknowledge others' contribution to team success.

Relationships - Creating positive emotions leads to resilience, more energy, and a sense of belonging. Gratitude creates optimism within the team.

Accomplishments - When goals are completed, pride appears. Pride improves overall well-being, increases the sense of self, and is a reminder to persevere through future challenges.

Engagement - Getting in the “flow”, people use all their skills and brainpower to solve tasks but also feel satisfied and happy with their work.

All in all, the HR Club Open Days at JIBE were a success in sharing knowledge, finding solutions for specific Human Resources challenges, having fun, and understanding each other. Everybody left with many insights, a sense of purpose, and creative ways in approaching the People. We wish many events like this to take place in the future, because we are stronger and wiser together!