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Celebrating three years of greatness at JIBE Romania



March marked a significant milestone for Jibe Romania; 3 years of achievements and togetherness. A fantastic time frame to be, create, and thrive. We took a moment to pause and acknowledge our incredible success as a team and look ahead to an even brighter future.

We celebrated big! A truly memorable day was arranged, with the whole team, Jibe's co-founders from NL, and even our esteemed collaborators partaking in the afternoon fun. The day started with a delicious lunch, a mouth-watering purple Jibe-cake, and delightful drinks. We all enjoyed catching up with one another and sharing stories of our journey so far, and how the #PoweredbyJibe movement is slowly but nicely coming together. 

As the day progressed, we gathered for our annual Town Hall meeting, where each team presented their progress and accomplishments from the past year.

At the outset of our Town Hall gathering, Edwin and Rick, Jibe's co-founders, unveiled our accomplishments in the past year while also stating our vision for the year ahead. We intend to scale up our business and hone our focus on our products, making a meaningful impact on people's lives through them. In addition to these initiatives, we shall be doubling down on our partnerships and are already in the process of recertificating our Jibe group for ISO/IEC 27001:2022, a mark of quality and trust for every player in the IT industry.

Following this, we exchanged passionate thoughts on the exciting new year before us and shared deeply personal testimonials about what it truly means to be part of Jibe. May these testimonials serve as a testament to what Jibe is for each of us  – an epitome of developing the future with new projects and ideas, a cozy flat environment that encourages continuous growth and a trustful partner for our collaborators.

Rick, Jibe's co-founder, explained why setting up an office in Cluj-Napoca was the best option:

I looked really forward to starting a company here. We carefully selected the location, and it was very promising working here. Cluj-Napoca is a lovely city with bright people and great universities, so we are very proud to be here. Over the years, the cultures of Jibe RO and Jibe NL got much closer, and the communication also got smooth.

Jibe means community and development, opportunities for growth, personal development, interaction, and a fun place to work (Ioan Muresan, Tech Lead).


Adi Calinciuc, Head of Delivery Management, got emotional remembering being part of Jibe Romania from the beginning:

It's hard to put into words...Jibe is where I meet my friends and do cool things.

Jibe means leaving my mark on everything I'm involved in, whether we're talking about a minor task or whether we're talking about ideas at the product, team, or process level (Larisa, Business Analyst).

Jibe is a new way to live my life. We have a flexible schedule, where I can pick up my children from school at 4 o'clock once a week, which means a lot to me. Before, I worked in banking, where the schedule was strict, from 9 am to 5 pm (Cami, Humane Resources).

I like that at Jibe, I don't feel like another coding machine, but everything I say, it's heard. Also, it's important that I can bring my dog to the office (Orsi, Python dev).

Jibe means opportunities; many opportunities related to people, projects, the products we make, and opportunities to meet talents and position ourselves nicely on the market. Since working at Jibe, we have become a prominent part of the Cluj IT Cluster, which for me, is a joy. It's rewarding what I do here because you see growth in people, the company, what we do, and how we change the world. By changing us, each person, through growth, we change our bubble, our little universe (Tania, Operations Manager).

Edwin, Jibe's co-founder, remembered the humbling beginnings of Jibe:

We started Jibe in 2005 in The Netherlands, and our first project was a remote care project. We launched the product for elders to be more self-supportive in their houses. It was high-tech for social purposes, which got me emotional every time I remember it. We innovate with digital solutions, reach many people in need, and can truly benefit from that. Jibe is a lifestyle for me.


Concluding the testimonials, Radu Nicoara, our Python developer, captured a poignant depiction of Jibe's fundamental essence:

Jibe is like a train, which stops at various stations and keeps gathering resources and talents. You need to stick to this train; it's not a job where you sit and admire the view, you really have to participate actively, but you get to see beautiful places in exchange.


We had an absolute blast delving into what binds us, why we chose Jibe, and what makes this place unique! We are beyond grateful for the privilege of working together and contributing to amazing and inspiring projects.

A resounding cheer to Jibe! A hearty cheer to our wonderful colleagues! A thankful cheer to our esteemed collaborators! And let us toast for a year of glorious achievements filled with unforgettable moments!


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