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Celebrating success @JIBE in 2022



With the Holiday season on us, we couldn’t help but remember all the meaningful moments we spent together. We would like to take a moment to recall the fantastic ways we celebrated success in 2022.

It was a long year with many ups and downs, turning points, choices to be made, projects to start, tasks to be delivered, and customers to partner with.. All along, we had each other’s back, helping out and providing technical guidance while also not forgetting that we are humans and sometimes needed a pat on the back, a smile, or someone understanding what we are going through. We didn’t forget that JIBE feels most of the time like a big family, and we are there for each other.

We cherish every moment spent together

The JIBE team expanded this year as well, and we always celebrate the newcomers with some goodies. We also honor the anniversaries of colleagues at the company, birthdays, Holidays, and unique events. There are so many reasons to celebrate and be grateful for what we have achieved and share together!

Through our communities, we spend blissful time together around shared interests, have casual talks and gatherings, and just enjoy tasty food and fine drinks during our outings. Also, when the customers decide to visit us,  we organize many fun activities outside the office, have fancy dinners, do some sports and gaming activities, and have fun discovering the beautiful city, Cluj-Napoca, through our visitors’ eyes.

These are fantastic times to be together! And let’s not forget all the great times when our NL & RO team reunites in one of the hometowns - Cluj or Eindhoven. We find many ways to connect, have meaningful discussions, and organize technical workshops outside the office in nice conference rooms with great coffee and yummy dishes. Well, as you have already guessed, we always have food when celebrating because food (like love) unites people!

We strive to have a good balance on the work life integration so we are trying to offer better experiences at the company through handy freebies, massage vouchers, wellness packages, eye health vouchers, a complete health package at Regina Maria, and many more.

We are keen on celebrating our birthdays and work anniversaries, the Secret Santas, by also inviting our little ones throughout the year to fun events like Halloween parties and Christmas and Easter gatherings. We are proud of our  cool home-like office in a mansion that includes a game room, allowing us to organize game nights and open door events.

Success is a process

But let’s not forget the hard work that got us here! We learned that even failure contributes to success in the end. So, to get where we are today, we had our share of failures. Still, we persevered and got to know the taste of accomplishment, great achievement, and recognition among teams and customers.

We pursued success in creative ways, organizing intense one-day Hackathons and workshops and creating open doors events, making us known to the world. We did our best to be remembered. Those we collaborated with have us in their hearts for the good work we delivered, sometimes maybe sprinkled with moments of joy and laughter.

At the end of the day, how we spend time at work makes the difference between a job and a vocation, which is why our effort matters. It is why we value each other and strive to do more.

At last, we celebrate success twice a year at our team buildings. It’s an exceptional time when we can be away from everyday discussions around tasks, have fun, spend the weekend at an amazing place, have deep talks, and discover a more personal side of our colleagues. It’s a wonderful way to be grateful for the work we are putting out together to create a better world.

These are our humble ways of celebrating success, giving back to the community, being together, enjoying, and cherishing moments of life that one day will have deep echoes in our hearts. Celebrating is how we show appreciation, support, and understanding toward each other. It’s the core of JIBE’s culture, the engine that keeps us together and gets us going day by day.

Tokens of gratitude

Here, at this very moment, we want to sincerely thank everybody who contributes to JIBE’s success. We are grateful for the guidance, good advice, and opportunities we are given. We want to praise our great customers and partners, who gave us their vote of trust in developing the future together.

We wish you all serene, merry Holidays and a Happy New Year, with many accomplishments to achieve in 2023!

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