Are you facing difficulties integrating services into your EV charging network?



We know it is a real struggle, but we also have the solution to this problem. As the EV industry expands, the need for reliable and convenient EV charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly important.

For EV charging network owners, providing seamless and reliable charging services to their customers is critical to their success.

Our complete, super intuitive, smart OCPP gateway solution will make all your "EV services integration" headaches go away. ChargeBroker works independently from your Charge Point Operator (CPO)/ Charge Point Management System (CPMS) platforms, connecting them and integrating new services to create a unique ecosystem for your customers. You can build trust and loyalty by providing a seamless and consistent charging experience for customers, attracting new customers, and increasing overall network utilization.

💡 Integrating services into your EV charging landscape is simpler than you might think! With ChargeBroker, you can easily integrate services, partners, and benefits and offer your clients limitless options in making the most out of your offer. Not only will your customers be happy, but it gives you complete control over integrating multiple services and processing data while fully allowing you to tailor the solution to your specific use case.

🙌 ChargeBroker enables limitless access & control to grow and scale. Being an Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) gateway, ChargeBroker powers EV charging network owners to frictionlessly integrate EV charging services independent of the CPO or CPMS used, providing many benefits:

🤝 Flexibility and Scalability. Allows to easily add or remove services as needed without being limited by the equipment or systems used by individual CPOs or CPMSs.

Security and Control. Enables full control over which services have access to which group of chargers, including applying filters and priorities and increasing security across the EV charging network. Improved Customer Experience. ChargeBroker provides customers with a seamless and consistent charging experience, regardless of the charging station or CPO used, building customer trust and loyalty.

Data Insights. ChargeBroker provides valuable data insights into charging behavior, energy usage, monitoring and alerting, and other essential metrics. With these data, EV network owners can optimize charging station placement, pricing, and marketing strategies and improve overall network performance.Increased Network Visibility. ChargeBroker increases the visibility of the EV charging network, reaching a wider audience, attracting new customers, improving brand reputation, and boosting overall network utilization.

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